Accommodation Travel Agencies/Agents Adventure Tour Organizers Restaurants Kullu Shawls Educational Institutions Health Care Astrology Himachal Pradesh Photo Gallery Ads is now     Our  Sponsors Photo of the Month Photo of the week Himachal Photo Gallery: Exploring Himachal Pradesh through Photo Gallery Nature Nature has blessed Himachal Pradesh with unparallel beauty, Nature has lavished all her bounties on  this land. It enchants its natives as well as visitors who come here from far and wide. In simple words  eternal snows, lush green forests, rhythmic streems, sweet chirping birds, picturesque lakes, verdant  valleys, emeralds meadows, smiling glaciers, roaring rivers and gay girls.    Sunsets/Sunrises Landscapes    Winter Season Lakes Waterfalls Birds  Butterflies/Dragonflies  Wild Flowers People   People/Lifestyle Portraits    Children and Lifestyle The people of Himachal are generally called Himachalis.  They are simple, straightforward, hard working and honest. There closeness to nature makes them elemental.  Cities/Towns      Cityscapes  Villages   Night Scenes  and Villages Holy Places  Temples Buddhist Monasteries Gurdwaras
Mosques  Culture Fairs and Festivals  Wedding Folk Dances  and Customs Himachal pradesh has a rich cultural heritage, glimps of which can seen during the various fairs and festivals, customs, traditions, folk music nd dance, dressing styles, friendly locals, anguage and cuisine. Clothing/Dresses Dusk and Down  Churches Forests and Rivers Sculpture Wood/Metal Carving Painting  Architecture Architecture Musical Instruments  Taste of Himachal  Fruits  Cuisine Religious Copyright © All rights reserved Disclaimer Copyright Privacy Policy Adventure Sports Paragliding/Rafting Skiing/Camping Nature People and Lifestyle Holy Places, Worship places of Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Muslim, Christian Cities and Villages Culture and Customs Art-Architecture Adventure Sports Taste of Himachal Pradesh Home About Himachal E-Greeting Cards Guestbook Links
Himachal Pradesh Photo Gallery is basically based on the beautiful western Himalayan Valley Himachal Pradesh of India. Himachal: where you can expect you want,Adventure Sports, snow capped hills, wild life sanctuaries, heritage spots, pilgrimage, fairs and festivals and more. Art, Craft and Architecture: The People of Himachal Pradesh have a tradition of artistic  craftsmanship and sense of aesthetic manifested through a variety of ancient art of craft. The encient  art of Himachal Pradesh has survived in the shape of metal sculpture, temple architecture, wood  carving, metal carving, folk crafts, jewellery and paintings etc.     Subscribe our Newsletter

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Contribute Photographs Are you an Serious photographer, amateur photographer or a photography enthusiast? Have you ever travelled to Himachal Pradesh? If so ..... Please contribute a photo from your part of the world. It can be your hometown, where you currently live, a favorite place you have visited or even a favorite scene that will always remain in your memory......   Rules and Guideline The humble natured, persevering and hard working Himachali’s residing in its cities, towns and villages. 90% people lives in villages and small towns. Villages usually have terraced fields and small two storey houses  with sloping roof. The one characteristic common to all the Cities, Towns and villages  in Himachal Pradesh  is their endearing charm. They are pristine, beautiful, celestial, and very appealing.    Himachal Pradesh is knows as ‘Dev Bhoomi’ (the Abode of Gods).The major religions followed are  Hinduism (95% of the total population), Buddhism (1%). Sikhism (1.2%), Muslim Religion (1-63%).  Numerous temples and religious places situated here. There are several Shikh Gurdwaras, Buddhist  Monasteries, Christian Churches, Muslim Mosques in Himachal Pradesh.